Gentle Night Weaning Masterclass

A step-by-step framework for the preparation and process of weaning from night feeds that maintains your connection and feels right for you and your toddler.

What is included in this masterclass?

This masterclass package includes everything you need to prepare and action your gentle night weaning plan from the breast or bottle for your toddler over 12 months of age.

Pre-recorded video with slides and teaching by Midwife, Child Health Nurse, NDC Practitioner and Holistic Sleep Coach Andrea Fallon.

A 40 page comprehensive guide book including checklists and cheat sheets to assist you to create a plan that will suit you and your toddler.

What you'll learn:
  • ​Work out the right time for you and your little one to night wean.

  • ​How to support the emotional transition to something new in the night.

  • ​The process if you need to night wean quickly.

  • ​Gradual strategies for partial or full night weaning. 

  • ​Practical ways to ensure your own needs are met during the process.

  • ​Common challenges and how to overcome them.

What would it be worth to you to feel relaxed about how to night wean?

I'll show you how to go through the process and give you the tools in this workshop.

For an investment of just $57 (AUD).

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Don't you suggest night weaning after 18 months, why is this for over 12 months?

Generally I suggest night weaning over the age of 18 months because the process tends to be easier and have a greater chance of improving sleep (the main reason mums decide to night wean). However, I appreciate that all situations are different and 12 months is the earliest age for safe night weaning without consultation with a health practitioner.

How do I know it is the right time for me to night wean?

In this workshop I'll walk you through how to work out the right time for you and your little one and when might not be the right time. Even if now is not the right time, you'll have lifetime access to the content to come back to, so you can start the process fully informed.

Are the strategies you teach gentle?

I do not teach any strategies that involve leaving your little one to cry unattended. Loving limits can be set with toddlers and we discuss this in the workshop, sometimes this means tears, more so if you are in a hurry to night wean. Ideally if you have more time to implement the process it can be an easy and gentle. Generally the older your little one is, the easier and more gentle the process is. My focus is on age appropriate and therefore gentle strategies.

 Do I need to change my sleeping arrangements to implement your strategies?

No not at all! You can continue to bedshare if that is your current set up or you can use the night weaning process as the start to changing your set up if that is what your goal is.


The information shared in this resource is for educational purposes only. The information including video including case study, guidebook and external links are meant to be for educational purposes and do not constitute a client-practitioner relationship with Andrea Fallon and is not a substitute for medical care. Consult with your healthcare provider immediately if you have any health concerns for yourself or your baby. This information in no way diagnoses or treats the consumer's medical or mental health condition and is not medical advice or therapy. 

Andrea Fallon/Wholehearted Family Health does not endorse or encourage any particular sleeping arrangement for anyone consuming this resource. Due to the nature of the product, no refunds will be given.

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